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Ten Point
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Default Reloading for AR's school of hard knocks

My trouble my save you some time and frustration. I have been reloading for bolt action rifles and hand guns for around 17 to 18 years. I am an experienced reloader on these guns but the semi-auto AR was a learning experience for me.

First off get the reloading for accuracy mentality of the bolt action centerfire out of your head for the AR; You are reloading for functionality. Remember this it will save you from pulling lots of bullets that will not function in your gun.

You can not push the shoulder of your case to far back! My AR functions best with cases that were loaded with the shellholder and die touching lightly. Don't extend the bullet into the lands, your magazine will limit you on COL. Functionality! Functionality!

If you want accuarcy out of your handloads for an AR use quallity components that your gun will shoot well; May need to try several types/weights of bullets and or powder before you find what your gun likes.

After you run a few of your cases through the resizer die drop them into your chamber of your AR to be sure that the bolt will close and function properly before going on to the next step. Will save you time pulling bullets later!

Get an updated reloading manual that specializes or has quite a bit of info for the AR semiauto. Mine was old as dirt and did not even have the Grendel listed.

Keep good notes on everything that went good and bad. Reload your test ammo in strings or batches of 4 or 5 different powder weights working up to max. loads going up in 1/2 grain increments to see what the gun likes and looking for signs of high pressure in your gun.

Hope this helps someone out there. I almost gave up but I got it figured out and my AR-15 in 6.5 grendel will now shoot my 120 gr BTHP sierra bullets pushed by 31 grains of CFE223 reloads more accurate that any store bought ammo I have ever shot in it and it goes bang everytime!
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Ten Point
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good info!
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Pope & Young
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Buy a cartridge case gauge. It makes checking rounds a lot easier.
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Thanks about to start down this road.
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Pope & Young
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never hurts to have a dial caliper when measuring case length before and after trimming

checking for bulges in cases that don't seem right, especially around the base of the neck after seating bullets, especially if you crimp at all

it does not hurt to have it for seating bullets either!!!
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Use small base dies.
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