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Default Raising Garage floor question

Due to Harvey we are doing a complete make over on our house. One project is to raise the level of the garage to the same level
As the rest of the house. Right now there is a 10 difference leaving the house and entering the garage which hasnt been used to park cars in years and weve decided to enclose it in. What would
Be the best option to raise it to make it level with the rest of the slab? Ive heard I could bring in dirt/sand and raise it 6
Then pour a 4 slab, or pour a 4 slab then make a wood floor to bring it up. I think pouring a 24x24x10 thick slab will be way to costly.need opinions green screen! And Im open to other suggestions as well.
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Contact Mapei's technical department. They are very helpful.
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2x and lumber is the lowest cost. Negatives are the potential for more sound and bounce depending on how you install (spans and adhesives).

Concrete is simple and not expensive. No more than 3-5 yds or $300-500. Any 2000 mix will work. Lay down poly so the next owner has options with your garage.
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They have a product called "form fill" that they use at the chemical plants. Basically if they need to pour a slab and the grade is not sufficient they will pour this. It is portland, sand and no gravel. It is self leveling which will allow you to pour a slab on top. They also use this product to fill up holes, washed out pipes, etc..... I am not sure on the cost but it is an option.

I guess you could bring in select fill and compact it then pour. Make sure you put down a poly barrier.
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6" of foam, then pour a 4" slab on top. Foam is used to take up space on things like concrete steps inside of buildings, like stage stairs etc.
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Treated lumber and 5/4 decking.
Easy to remove if next buyer wants a garage
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My sub usually pours the front wall as a barrier, then comes back and packs dirt to fill most the void like mentioned. Then pours the 4" slab on top, which is tied onto the wall.

-in my case this is usally industrial settinga, 60"+ docks that are 30-60' square.

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