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Ten Point
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For the Challenger in 86 I was working at the old Orange KMart and saw it on one of the TVs in the store. In 2003 I was in the Coast Guard and sitting on the Mississippi Riverbank in Rosedale Ms, just returning off of leave and waiting for my boat to get there so
I could get aboard.
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I too was hunting at Matador WMA.
I remember the boom, and a bunch of turkeys up the hill shock gobbled. Remember pulling into the camp area later and everyone was in groups listening to their truck radios.

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Six Point
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Poring concrete in Midland Tx.
Neighbor came out and told me what the contrails were. Watched them arc SE...
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Ten Point
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In 1986, was in 5th grade at recess. We were asked to come back to the classroom and they wheeled in the TV on the tall TV cart and we watched the follow up. Still remember the walk back the room to this day when we learned what happened.

In 2003, I was fishing on Fayette County Reservoir. Saw the streak across the sky. Didn't even know what happened until I got home later that day.
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Pope & Young
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Originally Posted by Dusty Britches View Post
Challenger - high school chemistry class
Columbia - on my way to IBO Winter Nationals in Gatesville - it went over us.
Same here... several of us had just stepped out of the McDonald's when we heard the first boom.
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Pope & Young
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Squirrel hunting in the neches river bottom. It was foggy that morning and I never will forget how it echoed through the woods.
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Eight Point
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Originally Posted by waterdog View Post
where were you when you heard the news? On Feb. 1, 2003, space shuttle Columbia broke up as it returned to Earth, killing the seven astronauts on board. NASA suspended space shuttle flights for more than two years as it investigated the disaster.
Cub Scout pinewood derby at a Clear Lake area elementary. The NASA dads kept getting pages (remember pagers?!) and silently disappearing. We didn't find out until later why they were called away.
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Eight Point
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Was guiding a goose hunt in Palacios, TX. I saw a very shiny object right about the time the sun was rising. Passed it off as a reflection on a plane. Looked back what felt like a few minutes later and it started to come apart in several pieces. Thought I was seeing things and asked my sports if they saw that, only one guy did. Didn’t know what it was until we got back to the lodge and watched the news. Incredible.

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