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Looks awesome
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Originally Posted by kwperry View Post
Picked up a model 700 in 25-06 and was not crazy about the black synthetic stock. I really dig the look of the high end stocks with the desert tan and black webbing color scheme, but was not ready to shell out the 3-400 bucks that they cost. I did my best to imitate that look with the stock I have until I can afford one. I'm pretty happy with it, let me know what ya'll think.

I got nothing. Sometimes for whatever reason pics dont come through
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You did an awesome job!
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double bogey
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I copied this on my 700 ADL in 7mm mag. Didn't quite get the marbleizing spray as even a pattern as I wanted, but it still looks pretty good. Curing clear coat now. I disassembled rifle and taped off what I didn't want painted. I didn't want to add any pressure points to the action or barrel as the rifle shoots better than I can. It has built in pressure points on the muzzle end.
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Looks nice
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Thanks for the heads up on the marbelizing spray. I just finished up my dove and duck gun, and it looks great.
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