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Ten Point
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Originally Posted by sharkhunter View Post
I shot one of those tame geese of the top of my house when I was a kid.
Hahaha sounds like something I would do.
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Nubbin' Buck
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Lets just say growing up our neighborhood had a really bad feral cat problem, HAD...
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Dry Bones
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Thought this needed recovery time. Good stories, and still hung up on a bull with a door stop. LOL, HEY RICK, ate any hamburger lately and laughed while eating??
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Six Point
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When I was a kid we raised chickens for meat. At the appointed time, my dad would yell, "it's killin' day, you boys grab your bows". We'd spend the morning shooting those roosters, they had to be killed anyway, so might as well get in some target practice. It was one of our most memorable days of the year growing up. My dad, two brothers and me shooting roosters and then get them ready for the freezer. We lived in the country and it was the 70's, so no need to worry about the news.

My dad did the same as Rick but to a horse. Dang thing was always getting out so he decided to wrap a big blob of tape on an arrow, shot the horse in the shoulder and the arrow went right through that tape. Horse was sore for while, but he didn't get out any more.
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White Falcon
Pope & Young
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Killed a mouse in the house the day I came home from a hernia surgery. Wasn't a smart decision.
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