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Ten Point
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Default The weekly FSC sure make one critical of his shooting. :)

One of the best parts about the FSC shoots each week, for me at least, is how critical I am of my shots. When I miss the exact spot I'm aiming for I would get irritated. That is until I took a step back and realized that had I been shooting at an animal and been aiming at the vitals that I'd have cleanly taken that animal. When you have to put a ruler up to your shot and post the picture here, especially with this bunch of shooters, a miss of 2" on paper looks like a heck of a bad shot,. I understand the need to be pin point accurate but laugh a bit when I'm ticked at a miss of less than the width of two fingers at 15 yards.

This is great practice.

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Pope & Young
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It still ****** me off to miss.

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Pope & Young
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You've done great on these challenges Junkers! And you're right; anything within two or three inches of an aim point will kill virtually any animal shot at. We're just trying to hit the single hair over the animal's heart and enjoy fun competition.
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Pope & Young
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That realization is EXACTLY why we started doing this some years ago.

Getting you used to, and confident with the result of that FIRST shot.

It's all about hunting.

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