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Ten Point
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Default Wikileaks

"More than 11,000 direct Twitter messages between WikiLeaks and around 10 supporters have been published by a self-described journalist who has been an outspoken critic of the controversial organization.

The activist, Emma Best, posted the conversations to her personal blog on Sunday — marking the first time all 11,000 of the messages have been published. Some excerpts have already been reported.

“I posted the chats because they give people a look at WikiLeaks behind closed doors and lets them judge the context for themselves,” Best told Newsweek. “I’ve released excerpts and commented on them, but it’s best to let people see them for themselves.”

The messages signal that WikiLeaks was rooting for Republicans in the 2016 election. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was also characterized by WikiLeaks as a “bright, well-connected sadistic sociopath.”

So it wasnt just millions of Americans that wanted the GOP to win. It was also Wikileaks. I havent really unpacked all of the messages on the ladies link (below), but kind of curious if wiki was really pro GOP as much as they were anti Hillary. Still pretty interesting.
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Pope & Young
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I’m not even sure what to make of this. Both why Wikileaks had an initiative to influence the outcome or why this reporter felt it should be reported, or even how she got the memos. Is she a better hacker than Wikileaks?
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I wait for more details before commenting
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Interesting strategy... poking a bear that's successfully taken on the worlds most powerful country's security infrastructures ...
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