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Default First Few Pics

I put a camera on a little spring/seep at deer camp a few weeks ago to see if it might get some good pictures. I went over and checked it last weekend and had lots of activity. Weíve had dry weather, too, and that little seep is the only water for a couple hundred yards.

Iím going to try to kill that big 8 in the second picture, but Iím not being picky this year. Iím determined to kill both my bucks with my bow. I thought the third picture was a good example of a young 8 versus a grown 8. Helps to see them side by side!

Iíve been seeing some dandies around the house, so they may be the priority the first few weeks of season. Weíll see if I can get anything on a solid pattern. Hope to get some pictures of them in the next few weeks, theyíve been hard to pin down.
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Looks good.. hang a stand!
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