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Four Point
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Default Elevated Cattle Panel Blind/Questions

I am looking to build a 6 foot platform and build a cattle panel blind on top of it. Looking at doing a 6 side build 4 foot wide and 5 foot long with 3 18-24 inch "walls" in the front. the front 3 faces will have the only shooting windows that I pan on cutting the cattle panel out, covering the cutout portion with netting, and framing with pvc to make a crude window frame that I can open and close to keep owls and such out. My question is my first thought was to cover it in camo netting and call it a day since I hunt in Zapata it is crazy hot and that would allow for some heat escape but obviously wouldn't keep any light out. I don't want to use black plastic cause that would be the same as a popup. tried that last year and the heat was unbearable. my next thought was weed blocker fabric or burlap then cover with camo netting. I am just looking for suggestions on material that would block some light but not cause me to sit in a South Texas sauna
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J&M Hamilton10
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I always do camouflage net then brush (fresh cedar every year) on top to block some light with some brush on the sides.
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Pope & Young
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Mine are round, covered with indoor/outdoor carpet. Windows at 10/12/2 o'clock covered with shoot through mesh. I still brush them with cedar limbs too, or pine. Still pretty dang hot in there early season though. The good news is, with an Ozonics running, you can get away with murder. I've had big hogs come from straight downwind as well as one coyote. Never spooked.
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Ten Point
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You could use wind fencing like the stuff found at a job site.

Tan might be your best bet if you are trying to keep heat at a minimum.
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