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Black Gold sent you a PM
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That's very nice.
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Originally Posted by Bowtech32 View Post
Is there a advantage for using quad tires? I can see if you are in an area with really boggy mud, but the tire that come with the trailer seems ok. I did one few years ago and just used the tire that came with it and it has been fine. In fact I don't think they pick up thorns as bad. I am hunting the Childress are and we have some really slick mud and They don't throw mud as bad as the ATV. Only pic I can find at the moment
Iím a little late to this discussion but thought I would comment on the ATV tire versus highway tires. In my experience the ATV tires do a better job of dampening out the bouncing. You can adjust the inflation based on the terrain. In addition they are available with something more than two ply construction which helps with avoiding flats due to thorns. We built a few trailers similar to these for our lease north of Campwood several years ago. They have been a game changer. No more struggling to keep a few ragged trucks running to keep feeders filled and to do routine chores. Leaves more time to do what you came to do.
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