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Ten Point
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Default blind and feeder pen

I'm on a new deer lease and it will be necessary to build feeder pens.
1. How high off the ground will I need to be to bow hunt @ 25-30 yards from the feeder to shoot over the pen built from 34" hog panels.
Thinking about building platforms for popups, they are so much more comfortable than tree and ladder stands.

2. How high will I need to build box blinds to rifle hunt and shoot over same height pen of 34" hog panels @ 100 yards?
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Eight Point
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Honestly I think you are thinking way too much about this. I’m not sure if you’re hunting tall pines, oaks, mesquites, cedars or cactus but I would be more worried about the pro dominant wind direction in your area or the direction the deer typically come from. Find that information out and go from there.
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Ten Point
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How close to your set up will the pen be? That will determine how high your set ups will need to be.
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Mike Fangman
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Put ur feeder 20 - 25 yards from tripod or whatever, then build feeder pen around that. As far as a gun blind, I wouldn't worry too much about over thinking all that.
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drop dead fred
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