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Pope & Young
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Default Mini Mill Opinions

I really need a table top type drill press to do some smaller stuff that I don't use my big gear head for. I really got to looking at mini mills now. Any thoughts on sub $1000 mini mills as far as being useful or not? I am not a machinist by any means so don't know much about mills and lathes.

Can you really do much more with one that just drill holes? Is the few hundred extra than a press really do much more in that size? Any info/insight would be appreciated.
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Pope & Young
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I used to run our decent sized mill in our fab shop in Lubbock. After using it on so much stuff, I feel very awkward trying to use a standard drill press. So much easier if you have a moveable table with a bolted down stationary vise and if you have the powered side to side, it’s nice to be able to mill some things even if they are small. Not sure if you are looking at one with a turn dial speed control but I like that way better than trying to figure out which switches need to be flipped to obtain a certain speed. I am no machinist myself but I have used a mill a lot and if I had my choice, we would have one in our shop in Tyler.
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Six Point
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I've used some larger mills at my school in our machining program and they're a lot nicer than using a drill press. I have a buddy who makes knives and he has a small one that he uses for everything.

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i started out with the grizzly g0704. Freakin loved it. Still have it, set up to a single dedicated process while the big mills do the heavy lifting. I'd buy it again for sure.
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