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Ten Point
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Default Cool Thing at work today

I work for Lyondell Chemical Co. on the east side of Houston and on a daily basis we see hogs and a few deer down by our Barge Dock. Today I seen something that I was not expecting. Early this morning right a day break me and a coworker seen a deer that we really couldn't figure out what it was. Well around noon I had to take samples to the lab and figured I would make another trip to the back. When I got down there I seen it again on side of the road. I called my buddy and told him to meet me outside the control room. We went back and she was still standing there eating leaves from a fallen tree.

It was a Red deer doe that had a tag in her right ear. I have seen white tail deer and many hogs, but this was a first. I have lived in that area most all my life and can not figure out where she could have came from. It made for a good day.
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I used to work there many years ago and we had some big alligators come up to the barge docks.
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Pope & Young
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Thats cool, almost a reason to want to go to work to check on her and see if she brings more
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Where are the pics?
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