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Default I Finally got a Buffalo

It has long been a dream to hunt a buffalo with my bow, That dream was lived last weekend. It had been talked about but the reality never was certain until last week. The guides were a little nervous about getting in bow range, They had one shot a couple weeks ago with a gun that they say went crazy. I was determined if I was gonna shoot one it was gonna be with my bow. We went out mid morning to see if we could get close enough, We got to 22 yards and I let the Mathews go to work. He ran maybe 25 to 30 yards and went down, He kept his head up and just watched us, Double lunged him, We watched for 20 minutes or so and he just laid there , they asked if I wanted to put another one in him to try and get the heart, I said I if I needed to stick him again to be able to get my hands on him quicker then let's go for it. The previous one took a long time to die with a lung shot. So we eased up on him and he never stood up, Just looked at me, I had already talked to the guide about where to shoot as I thought my first was a good one, He said it was good but if I go over another 6 inches forward I would get heart, That's what I did, He jumped up and bucked and ran another 25 to 30 yards and started break dancing, I was beside myself and am starting to shake again just thinking about it. He was out within a couple of minutes, Not a half hour and 50 to 60 yards from getting to draw back on him, He was done and I was one happy man. I cannot post pics or this would have been here at 5:30 Monday morning. I can e-mail or text if someone could please help me out. I would prefer e-mail because the pics are better, But I will take what I can get. Sorry for the long read
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