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Four Point
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Default Broadhead Battle: Iron Will vs Silver Flame

I finally got a chance to test out both of these premier, amazing broadheads in a head to head comparison.

Check out the vid to see which one reigns supreme!

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Four Point
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Thanks for the video. I've watched a lot of your other ones before and always enjoyed them.
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Pope & Young
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Thanks! Really like your videos!
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Pope & Young
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Default Broadhead Battle: Iron Will vs Silver Flame

The test seems a bit skewed to me. A narrower head is almost always going to out penetrate a similar quality wider head. It seems to me that if you had used a standard 1 1/8 GK head, the results may have been a bit closer.

They are both great heads. I am a GK guy who has been shooting them since they were just about the only really expensive head out there. Iron Wills are very impressive heads also, but they make GKs almost look cheap from a price point perspective!!!


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Pope & Young
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Never heard of Iron will but I have tested the GK heads and have been pretty pleased with them
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Ten Point
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you had me at Rockwell and charpy v-notch it!
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Pope & Young
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Both seem impressive
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Briar Friar
Ten Point
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Interesting video. Thanks for testing and sharing.
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Ten Point
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Location: austin
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Cool video.
I shoot the Kudu Points, which are similar to the Iron Will, though no bleeders. Tough as nails!
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Pope & Young
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Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Any idea what the differences are between the GK and the Grizzly Stik Silver Flames? Strange that they have the same name and look the same.

Have you ever tested single bevel head against a double bevel head? I'm using the 200 grain Maasai when we go to Africa later this month. Hope they perform as advertised.
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Pope & Young
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Great video and the others you’ve done! Thanks for sharing the results
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Ten Point
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Thanks for the review. I hunt with the Iron Will 125 solid out of my longbow. I have been impressed with it.
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Six Point
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I have used the Iron Wills for 2 years now. They are the toughest and sharpest broad head I have ever used. They are expensive, but with the durability they have you can sharpen and re-use them. Making them a little more cost effective.
Great review and spot on.
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Ten Point
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All this talk about tough heads and durability I don't get it. I mean I understand the concept but what are you guy shooting at? I usually skewer somewhere between 20-30 animals a year ranging from coons and javelinas to whitetails and feral pigs and I typically shoot everything in the shoulder (the offside shoulder at least),and I only practice with broadheads unless i'm at a 3d shoot. I shoot fixed blades ranging from $10 carbon express 2 blades to $50 tough head 2 blade grizzlys as well as Shuttle T-locks and slick tricks, and with the exception of a couple of pass thrus that barely slowed down before hitting large rocks on the ground I don't really have a problem with any of these heads being fragile. Small nick in the cutting edge at worst that can be touched up with a file in a few seconds is typically what I encounter, and that is not very common. Maybe I'm missing something or I'm just not that eccentric about my broadheads.

Edit I understand if you are Buff and shooting large dangerous game with a stick bow.
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Ten Point
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I have shot both and have not bent or broke either one ever on any “ animal” , or after passing through an animal, and that is the only thing I care about. I really like the iron will, even though it has more “surface area” ( cutting area) I much, very much prefer a wider hole. I have no problem shooting either one of these heads, no problem getting two holes 98% of the time with either one, both have killed numerous animals, but in my experience the wider holes leave heavier blood trails the majority of the time. Heavier generally mean shorter, and the animal succumbs quicker, hence does not travel as far and has been easier to find. Again I have no problem shooting either, prefer these two heads above all others. ( although I will shoot a wide cut mech. when I can, to save money and get the benefits of large holes). I don’t care where they are made, I will buy quality regardless. If I was hunting cinder blocks or plywood I would use a narrow, solid , heavy grain weight ( heavier then 125gr. for sure) , single blade broadhead, not sure it would be either of these heads. But for any thing covered with flesh and blood and I intend to kill it, as quickly and humanly as I can, I will shoot these heads. But there are many many heads that will work. And yes the test is a bit off. Why would you not test the 125 gr. Vented iron will against the vented German kenitic. About any head with less support to the blades will crack or brake when up against cinder blocks or concrete. Again both great heads I have shot both, Bill from iron will gave me a good price to try his heads. I did, I liked them, I bought a few more of them and killed ( and missed) with them. But they just don’t do any thing any other head in that size won’t do. ( edge retention is better then most) I find no big benefit over the exodus in regards to killing and durability. If a broad heads passes through the animal, and remains sharp you can’t ask for much more. And most heads on the market will do that. I just prefer a great head with a wide cut, in my experience they kill quicker, and you get better blood trails, one reason mech. heads are so popular. With the German kenitic you get the the wide cut, with great edge retention, great flight, and a very well made head. The only test that really matters is what they do on live animals and the kenitic has proven to me to be a better option.

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