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Originally Posted by rsquared View Post
i just checked ours for fun, last year we were at 20 bucks and 30 does under MLD 3
the harvest estimator for junction put us at an estimated 38 bucks and 68 does...

i guess they want me to make up for all of the deer you guys cannot shoot

in all seriousness, this is based on deer densities for the area and in our case, we remedied that 8 years ago by getting under control.
we will stay on the conservation option and use our surveys to dictate the number of tags... there is no way on earth we could ever get to 68 does...

but, i do appreciate how easy the tool is to use... maybe they are moving in the right direction overall, even with a few initial hiccups.
Why go with conservation program when your getting more then enough tags with the harvest program? The conservation program will cause you more work and you don't have to fill all your tags you get with the harvest program so that means you can manage your deer harvest exactly the way you want to without any interference from a biologist who may or may not know what is right for your property.

It's my understanding that the harvest program is basically taking over for LAMPS and the Conservation Program is taking over for MLDP. If you were on MLDP before, you will more then likely want to go with the conservation program. If you were not on MLDP last year, you probably wont qualify for the conservation program because you more then likely haven't kept good enough records to get on the program this year since I believe they require 2 years of records of deer harvest, deer numbers and surveys. If I remember correctly you had to meet the same standards for MLDP 2 or 3 as you do for the new conservation program.
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Harvest option is a no go for us. We would only get 2 antlerless tags.
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Originally Posted by yotethumper View Post
Harvest option is a no go for us. We would only get 2 antlerless tags.

County and acres? I'm curious to see what people are getting for different sized tracts.

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