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Ten Point
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Default dash cams

We are in the market for a dash cam for our truck. Do any of you use one or have recommendations? I have researched several and am no closer to picking one than when I started. I am looking for one in the $100-$150 range.
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Ten Point
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Hunt In: looking for a lease

We have a cheapo one from Amazon that works - I think it cost around $45.00. I ordered 2 of them, and one of them arrived deader than Julius Caesar, so it was returned, The other one works fine. I think it's really hit and miss with these, but they can be handy if you really need them. I know Costco has one I think for $99.00. I'll probably by one from them just because of their excellent customer service. BTW, my wife drives a mini-van, and it's scary how many times she gets cut-off, etc., because I think the other drivers think - she's just a soccer mom, what's she going to do to me? So I'm glad we have the added insurance of a dash cam.

Good luck,

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Pope & Young
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I use the GiiNii, it has two lenses. main lens is set strait ahead and the other can be rotated to look wherever else.
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Johnny Dangerr
Pope & Young
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Hunt In: Killing Stuff These Days

We bought 4 off Amazon in the $70.00 range. Looks like they droped them....
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Ten Point
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Hunt In: My dreams this year

I have two, brand new in box dash cameras I'll let go of. I got one from my brother and one from my father for Christmas and I don't have any need for either.
The Sharper Image I'll sell for $25, the Crosstour for $40. Add shipping to either.
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Four Point
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Mounted mine next to rear view mirror and ran wire up and around head liner then down into fues box. $60
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