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Originally Posted by systemnt View Post
hahahahahahahahah hahaha hah cough hahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAhahaha wait.. you were serious?
I've heard of crazier things, selling out the country, access to government offices, etc. People have lost it lately.
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Originally Posted by Clay C View Post
It's even more steadfast because it isn't a Constitutional right. It is a natural right we are born with given by a higher power than the government. The Constitution recognizes and guarantees government shall not mess with it.

The government cannot take away rights it does not give. The fact that we are having the conversation in the first place shows how far our Republic has fallen.
Amen! Precisely!
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J Sweet
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Originally Posted by dmk View Post
I don't know, if the wrong people get in power, I could see them trying to bring in the UN to assist w/ "peace keeping"....

Thank you Jesus for providing us with blue helmeted foreigners to kill.

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