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Pope & Young
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Default Where to live on Southwest Side of Houston

Potentially moving in June that direction and starting to look at housing. Planning on renting. Looking in the Sugarland, Missouri city, and surrounding areas as we would like to be able to drive to the medical center in 30-40 mins or less.

No idea on anything Houston wise as in decent areas to live or how bad the awful traffic will be so any and all info is appreciated.

Thank you

Edit: No kids and none for the near future. Just me and the wife and we are mid twenty’s if any of that changes anything.

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Four Point
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Do you have any kids for school considerations?

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Eight Point
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What's your price range? Our apartment complex is a bit different location, but closer to downtown and all, and cheaper than surrounding places. I picked it when I first got married and moved down, site unseen. Was worried sick about all the random shady spots in Houston and whether I chose right. Got here and felt like I frickin moved to Hollywood lol.
Make sure to look at crime maps and do research. Its not like most places where you can make entire generalizations, there's pockets of.. less desirable spots in every "good" neighborhood.
Been some relocation from floods that has upped some of the sporadic problems.
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Pope & Young
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Default Check with my son

My son, Clint, is a realtor in that area. Check with him. I feel certain he will give you some great guidance.

Tell him his Dad referred you.
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Pope & Young
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Lived here all my life. Pm your budget and Iíll tell you what I know.

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