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Eight Point
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Tuthdoc, I love your stories and learn from them. I have a small place I hunt in East Texas I started to use antlermax and made a little feeder for them. So from reading your post I need to make more than one and put I out some where eles on the place? Thanks again for your pic. and knowlege of deer and the things to do to make them grow bigger and better.
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Ten Point
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Keith is a good guy and a better hunter. He thinks like a rifle hunter and sometimes it's best to think like a sneaky bowhunter. This time he did and it paid off.

My brother had put up the tripod he killed the deer from. (Miss Kota would kill me for ending a sentence with a preposition) It was overlooking a big mesquite flat and had a fence line that only Ranger's could traverse. We had been corning the fenceline and flat for some time. It was between two of his favorite pens. I sat the tripod the day before to scout for the deer and too see if the Pot Belly Pig was using the flat also. Once the big deer was dead, I was going to move in and kill the Pig. (I moved in, had him at about 14 yards, but didn't kill him. Another story LOL) Right before dark, I was watching the Pig move toward the fence across the flat, trying to decide if I wanted him or not. When he got to the fence, DANG, the big buck was feeding at less than 50 yards. All I could do to not pee my pants.

We arrived at a plan. Since we had been using the Rangers to feed the area, the plan was for me to drive Keith into the area in my Ranger and drop him at the tripod. Then, I'd drive around the flat and feed while he climbed in the stand. Perfect cover. After I fed, I left the area. He said I wasn't out of sight when the big deer popped out of the brush and started eating. Rest is history. Love it when a plan comes together.

Stories? ME? Back me up Jaspro. I think I'm getting a bad reputation as a long winded story teller. LOL

Bohunter, the only reason to stop protein or to feed less is financial. I say feed as much as you can afford. Add one. I'd add one in Mailman's area on our lease, but the two I have are breaking me. LOL Hopefully the rain we just had at our lease will green things up and slow them down. 326/ton at almost 100 lbs/day out of the two is a killer. LOL
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Ten Point
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Great stories! Thanks for sharing.
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Pope & Young
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That's impressive!
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nice bucks...thanks for sharing
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