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Originally Posted by SaltwaterSlick View Post
Thanks Joel for bumping this thread. This is sure not a club anyone wants to be a member of as you very well know. However I am a living testament that the Lord can use an unimaginable tragedy for His good. There's not a day that goes by that I do not miss our son. I have come a long way toward healing. That hole is still there, but the scar is a sure sign of healing. I have been able to rejoice in the work the Lord has been able to do in me and through me because of this tragedy... I would love to be able to go back and undo it, but even so, I can honestly and boldly say the God through his unbounded mercy, grace and love has returned my joy... Yes I still have my moments, but I have adjusted to the new normal and I do everything I can to put Him first. To all of you who are brothers and sisters in this group, I pray you will let the Lord work on you and through you too to give you back your joy. It is a different joy and knowing that it is only temporary until we are rejoined with our beloved son and The Son, it is a good earthly joy.
God bless you all.
Bless you Sir, I enjoy your post. I did not know of your loss. The new normal as you stated is hard for folks to understand. That's what my wife and I talk about often. God has been good to us and for us.
Bless each and every parent that has lost a child on TBH and around the world.
Again, I thank you SWS for all your encouragement and prayers offered.
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