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Default Access/P.U.E. easement and a well

I have a few questions for those that are smarter than I. A little detailed so PMs may be better, but the questions are on the subject of land access easements, P.U.E. easement, and a pre existing well belonging to another land owner. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

To put it as simple as possible. The wife and I are looking at a place that has an access easement that is about 824 ft long. There is a 10ft P.U.E. down one side of it, (now here is the kicker) about half way down there is a well/well house and power pole. This well/well house and power pole sit in the middle of what is being called a (Shared access easement) for the property I am looking at and the property that is in front of the one I'm looking at. These properties were once all a larger parcel and now are subdivided smaller lots, the well belongs to the front lot that has a house on it.
My questions are what kind of legal headache and liability are possible?
Do you think there will be issues with getting Utilities run down the PUE access, will the existing power pole need to be moved to the PUE?
What liability will I have with that well/well house in the middle of the access easement?

Just to clarify, there is plenty of room to drive past the well/well house right now, if the power company decided to put poles down the PUE easement it may cause issues.

What say you??

And thanks for your thoughts.
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