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Default James Daughtrey Management Nov 28-30

First let me say this site has been such big help to me over the past several years as a lurker in so many ways. Of all the forums out there, this group seems to be the friendliest and the most helpful, so I figured I would finally join and do my best to contribute and share stories.

I was drawn for the JD Management hunt at the end of the month. Unfortunately, the big boys are off the hit list but spikes and 7 point or less over 12" are fair game, along with does, so it's generally a meat hunt. I've searched and read everything here I could find, but wondering if anyone has any other info, tips or help in any way. This is my plan so far:

-Staying in Tilden at the Country Inn. Centrally located and ac/heat and water (wife was drawn too).
-Bringing my pop up, 10' tripod and tools for creating natural brush blinds as needed. I will check out the provided blind/stand but may or may not utilize it.
-Packing a lunch and hunting all day.
-Corning roads/senderos daily.
-Rattling? It's likely early but might it help?
-I'll set up a few cameras just to see what's coming and going overnight.
-Hoping to stay away from hogs, I've got plenty at my lease to deal with.

Anyone know as of recent years do they assign compartments or do you choose them based on a lottery (either order drawn or otherwise)? I've seen conflicting posts and it seems like it maybe depends on which hunt it is. I like the looks of 9-10 and 4,5,6 area, but anybody who's been on the ground there have any other spots they like (if we get to choose)?

All help is appreciated and maybe see some of you out there. Thanks again.
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I hunted the JD for a buck hunt 2 years ago and I was covered up on hogs, javi's and coyotes. Passed on two good deer the first 15 minutes I was there. Didn't shoot a deer/hog but that was because I was being picky. The compartment I hunted was #5 (along the lake) I believe, last one on the left before the road bends. It has an oil platform as you drive in that sits at the end of the sendero. I sat there one afternoon watching deer move from the brush to river all day.
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