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Default Barrel Length vs twist rate

I searched for twist rate and couldn't seem to find an answer.

Here's my question.
1:8 = one twist (revolution) in 8" of barrel.
So a 16" barrel has 2 revolutions before bullet exits barrel.
8" barrel has 1
12" barrel 1.5 revolutions.

Is it the 1:8 or revolutions that stabilize the bullet or the revolutions before exiting barrel?

If all three fired identical ammo is any one inherently more accurate than the other?

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Ten Point
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The 1:8 sets the angular velocity/momentum that will then stabilized the bullet.

All will have different accuracy not due to stabilization but due to different harmonic nodes based on barrel oscillation.

Faster the twist=more angular velocity/momentum=more spin drift.

Basic physics.
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I don't know but maybe Sheldon Cooper does
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Not based on the RPM's, assuming all exit at same velocity. Bullet will have the same RPM's out of a 8 inch barrel as a 36 inch 1:8 barrel. Of course identical ammo would have different accuracy, velocity, etc. if fired from different length barrels.
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