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Default Building YOUR arrow...

So, I've been playing around with arrows all year; weights, broadheads, fletching, yad yada.

So last night I had all my arrows left from hunting this year and decided to make my GRXH arrows.

All of these arrows had been built, and shot, before; some just at foam, others at animals; you get the idea, they are used.

I had to drive the inserts out of the shaft after I removed the weights. I used the old drill bit trick to do this, I still lost two shafts. My thinking is they were either already damaged (I did have a few misses this year) or they were glued in so well they weren't coming out without being damaged.

I then stripped the fletching off and preped the shafts.

Since I had been using weights I knew exactly how much weight I wanted up front on my arrows; turn out it is 100 gr.

I am using Gold Tip Hunter and Velocity shafts; like I said, these are leftovers from this year's hunting.

I amusing the Gold Tip 100 gr brass inserts, so I glued them in. I am also using Grip Tip glue for the first time. If it works it will be a lot easier than needing to mix epoxy all the time.

Then I installed the nock bushings and pin nocks. I love pin nocks and I am using the Gold Tip HD pin nocks.

Then on to fletching. I am using Gateway Feathers Rayzr feathers; I've been using hem for a few years and they are great feathers. They are also very light, at 1.2 gr per feather instead of the 6 gr per vane of Blazers. This will in effect give me a better FOC percentage.

I use the EZ Fletch, and the feathers can be a little finicky in the jig, but if you pay attention it is easy enough. I also use Tip Grip on the feathers; we will see.

I ended up with two sets of arrows, Hunter and Velocity. Velocity is the lighter arrow so should give better FOC when all is said and done.

Each arrow has the exact same components, cut to the same length; in effect, they are identical except for the GPI weight of the different model shafts.

I ended up with this:
Hunter: 501 gr, 20.3% FOC
Velocity: 486 gr, 21.2% FOC

Less then 1% difference in FOC and about 15 gr difference in weight.

This is the arrow I want. For me it maximizes both FOC and weight, not too much of either, I can still use normal broadheads.

This is a very easy way to get to 500 gr and/or 20% FOC without using s bunch of special stuff, like heavy broadheads or weights. Just keep in mind, everyone is a little different and results will not be the exact same for every person; but this model will get you close.

Ranch Fairy also has a good video on this, if you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you head over and give it a watch.


Remember, figure out what you want in your arrow and then build to that; there is no right arrow for every single person or set up.

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