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Pope & Young
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Originally Posted by curtintex View Post
I use one of two people and have for years. Never had an issue and sometimes find myself surprised by the turn around. I killed an elk a few years ago and when I dropped it off, I joked that I needed it by Christmas. Two days before Christmas I got a call to come pick it up. Frank Tudor in Conroe or Ricky Overall in New Caney have treated me OUTSTANDING over the years. I've use B&S Taxidermy in Eagle Lake a few times with the same results. I guess I've just been lucky enough to hire good quality, honest people to do my work.
Tudor has done 3 of mine and a few of my FIL and BIL's .
Great guy, small shop, and great work.
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Ten Point
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Dropped an axis buck off back in December of 2013. Waited a year and gave him a call. Said he had medical problems or something. So waited another 6 months and said he is just about through with it. Said he will give us a call in 3 weeks. 4 months go by and no call so gave him a call. Said hair was falling out when he went to stretch hide over mold and that he was looking for another hide but that he wasn't going to charge the other half once he finished. Never heard back from him we called several times and no answer. This was black feather taxidermy and the guys name was Paul czaja
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Four Point
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Twisted X Taxidermy
Ronney C. Perry
Floresville Tx.

Do not use this scum bag. Great post hopefully this can help keep someone else from loosing there hard earned money and trophy's to these dirt bags.
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Ten Point
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My first ever animal that I took in to get mounted when I was 12 and had enough money to pay for it myself did not come back to me. It was a full plumage blue wing teal. I called the guy at the one year mark to see what was going on and he stated that I had already picked it up for the DU Banquet. (I was 12 no way could I have picked it up ) Got a bird back two years later that was a drake but looked like a hen That was really disappointing.
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I have only shot one banded bird in my life, it happened to also be my first specklebelly goose. Long story short, I paid a 50% deposit to Brett Parker at Maverick Taxidermy and that was the final time I saw that bird.

I know all professions contain a few bad apples, but taxidermy seems like the tree is loaded with rotten apples. Luckily, White Oak Taxidermy is one of the good ones and gets all my work now - especially with how this beauty turned out.
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Iíve done two euros for myself that have turned out pretty well. Still havenít been successful with my attempts at tanning. Sounds like my track record is pretty equal to paying someone else to do it.
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Pope & Young
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If you fellers in SETx need a good Taxi, let me know and I will turn you on to mine. Excellent guy to deal with, does professional work.
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Pope & Young
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Count me in on the shafted group.

My wife had an old mallard from her late father that we decided to get “upgraded”. We asked the taxi if they could make the mallard look much better and they said yes.

A cheap piece of wood, some paint and some fake feathers later, the taxi said we owed $120+ on the changes. The bird looked like crap (although it did before), but the taxi shouldn’t have taken on the project and charged me that much if they couldn’t perform. And they sure as hell didn’t.

Oh well.
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Pope & Young
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Default Who has been shafted by a taxidermist

Never been shafted.

Only use 2 taxidermist and I went to high school with both of them.

Ricky Overall for Mammals.

Lowell Shapley for Fowl.

Lowell doesnít do birds full time anymore so his turnaround time isnt great, but the quality is 2nd to none.

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I did not read all post.

In my opinion, leave the least amount of deposit allowed. I once paid 100% up front and it took over 2.5 years to receive mount.
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Pope & Young
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I had a well known one in Ft. Worth screw up my son's first buck. One ear was missing all the hair and it looked plastic. I complained and he said the hair slipped. He said he saw that when he was mounting it. He said he should of asked me if I wanted to buy another hide before he mounted it but he forgot. So he mounted a bad hide.

I have had more than a dozen deer mounted and never had a hide slip. This one was shot, put in the freezer, and delivered to him in about 24 hours.
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I got burned on a Red Stag. Fella up in New Braunfels took two years (which is fine) and it looked like Stevie Wonder done it. Hair has slipped now as well.

I will play the devils advocate and say this, I could only imagine the many times a taxi has got burned. My taxi I have now is a good un and he tells me stories on how people never pick up the animal after its done and he still has to pay his help or people change their minds after he is almost done. He has a showroom full of unpaid mounts.
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