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Pope & Young
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Default Want To Make The Jump-Where/What To Buy?

After coveting my running buddy's D60 last night, I've had enough and am looking to purchase a Pentax K20D so I can get into the DSLR club.

I need to know from the local braintrust a few things:

Where would be the best place to purchase my new rig?

I've already got some old glass (25+ years old from my old Ricoh days and none of it AF), 50, 35-105, 70-210. What else would you suggest to have in the bag?

What about photo editing software? I run an iMac with 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo and 4GB RAM. I'm thinking about Aperture since it si an Apple product, but know of a few folks who run PS on their Macs.

Any insight will be appreciated.
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Gerald S
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B&H for your purchase.

There is a new version of Aperture that just came out. I would read some reviews of it. A lot of my professional photography buddies were not happy with the previous version of Aperture. They all run PS. One of my friends actually prefers the software that was provided by Nikon and he is running it on a Mac.
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