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Ten Point
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Default For the plotters...

I finished off a new plot at the house that I've been working on the last few weeks. Wanted to share my results/progress with this one.

It's at the base of the ridge that you can see in the first picture, and there's a strip of woods/creek that kind of wraps around it.

It has potential to out do my other two established plots because it's in MUCH better soil. The other plots do pretty good, but they're rocky and hard to work.

There's been a 10 acre and 3 acre plot established on this place for a long time, and this new one is right over 4.

My long term plan for this one is to plant it in beans in the summer, but obviously the timing wasn't right this go round. I'm going to plant it with some fall blend next time we get some rain in the forecast.

I'm going to plant corn in the biggest plot next year and just let it stand until fall. I'll cut it in strips at that time to put food on the ground. This farm gets better in the late season, and having the extra food really brings in some good bucks during late November & December.

I feel like this new plot will really round this place out and is in a good place (wind wise) for bow hunting the edges.
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Nice, we are currently waiting for rain so we can plant as well.

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That first picture is beautiful.
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It's beautiful out there - beats the views in Texas. Keep us updated with growth as it's happening!

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