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Dry Bones
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Glad to see this come to the surface. Always good to get the refresher before getting in the woods for whitetail. i know many who hunt year round for pig and exotics but still good to have the material refreshed. I will say last season I got my first few trad kills and the spike that made my first whitetail did not move until my arrow buried in the dirt beside him. I focused on a spot just above the elbow and be darned if it did not do just that. Problem was I was 20 ft up. He still went out quickly, but a good reminder if your elevated that arrow angle can get steep.
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loco cacahuate
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I always preface "advise" with this is what works for me. So I'll throw these out there for what it's worth.

1. Shooting over deer. For a long time I probably missed high 70% of my shots. I kept aiming lower and still would miss over. I saw on another forum that sometimes you would sub consciously raise your head when you shot to see where your arrow goes and you end up shooting over. Now I have a mantra when I'm going to shoot "pick a spot and follow thru". I seldom shoot over now.

2. If you can do it, practice draw on live deer. When I do I critique myself after I let down.
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Pope & Young
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clicked on this just for the read and now I am wanting to try traditional.
Great thread swamprabbit.
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Good one to bring back up Scott! I think Chunky said it last year, but it won't hurt to be repeated. To me it is just as important for a newer trad hunters confidence to get consistently close (say within 15 yds) of game WITHOUT shootin, as it is to actually take that shot. My point is, get close, figure out what it takes to stay un-detected, what it would take to get a shot, and most importantly LEARN how deer act/react with each other, and their surroundings. And by all means LEARN when is a good time to take a shot, not just the shot angles, but the demeanor of the animal. You owe it to yourself, and the critter, not to take a shot at an animal that "knows something's up", is nervous, wired for sound, etc. You practiced all year for that shot, and none of us "have to kill" something bad enough to shoot at a nervous acting deer, hog, or whatever. You'll be sick at yourself when you see that arrow hit a leg, hind quarter, or if you're lucky, it'll miss altogether. Don't read me wrong here, I'm not saying go out and never shoot nothing! I'm just stressing that there is a lot to learn from the animals you hunt if you'll pay attention. Calm and feeding, head down, maybe even screened by an obstacle, even better! A buck mesmerized by the scent of a purty doe, that'll work too! We're all gonna miss, maybe even wound, but just don't make it be cuz of a poor decision of choosing to shoot at a deer who had a VERY good idea it was fixing to be shot at! I've always told everyone that would listen that I work harder/am more proud of striving to be a better hunter and woodsman, than I am at being a good shot! Least that's my excuse for my shooting (in)abilities! Good Huntin, and God Bless, Rusty
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Lots of good information on this thread already.

Fertilizing oaks works, late for this year but remember it for the future.

I find that deer going to or leaving a feeder on trails are generally less jumpy than deer at a feeder. Have had good success hunting trails with a little hand corn in them 75 to 100 yards from the feeder.

Practice lots but practice with purpose that every shot feels right or don't take the shot, figure out what was wrong and correct it on the next shot. I have let deer go before because it just didn't feel right on the shot, much rather do that than not get a clean kill with the one shot. I don't kill that many with my Bows but want every one I shoot at die quickly from a well placed shot, rather pass a shot than make a bad one.

the Mock scrape works,. when setting them up I have had good success setting them up on the other side of a bush from where I am sitting in a scrape location from last year. They get comfortable working the old scrape and more calm when walking away from it from what I have seen. Have killed deer at less than 10 yards this way that didn't duck.

Hunting creek crossings has worked well in the past also.

Like has already been said learn the yardages around your stands, mark them early if you can.

Practice from the way you will be hunting, if from a popup shoot from that popup and from same chair you use in it.

I started hunting with recurves and switched to compound in 1980. Going back to the recurve for most of my bow hunting this year.

Don't forget your grunt call, I have killed several good bucks inside 10 yards that came in looking for that deer that was grunting, with bow and rifle. It helps on calling if you are on the edge of thick stuff that the deer doing the grunting could be in.

Where I hunt Rut is rolling by the last week of bow season, caing can work very well then.

Mostly have fun with it.
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Originally Posted by Buff View Post
Good info right there.

The one thing I would add is don't get all worked up before the shot.

If you spend a little time with the "Greats " among bow hunters, you will discover that the Chunky and Bisch's of the world are really nothing special.
They may be a little prettier than your average sportsman but taken as a whole they are just regular guys who kill a lot of stuff with Trad bows.

What makes them special is that they expect to kill, every time they head to the woods, every time they draw their bow they expect to kill what they are looking at.

Dont over think it, when the time is right. just draw your bow and kill the darn thing.
Afterwards you can get as excited as you want, I always do
^^^^this is an important thing to remember.

When that shot opportunity presents itself you have to be certain, confident, almost cocky, you just know you're going to make the shot. You must believe you're going to make the shot. There is no doubt. If you have any doubt let down and go through your process again.
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All great points on this thread. My only thing to add would be don't take any shots for granted no matter how much of a "chip shot" they may seem to be. I have learned my lesson the hard way on that one on a nice public land ten point that was broadside at 10 yards. I thought to myself "this is too easy" and then pulled the shot and hit him CONFIDENT but not OVER-CONFIDENT. Being overconfident and lackadaisical can be a good way to get humbled real quick

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Great advice to all except where Buff said that Bisch was good looking. My advise is to always let the Deer calm down when they come in wait for them to move around in your area.
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1. ASAT 3d leafy suit

2. Carbon Mask Face Paint

3. Don't move, ever...
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