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Ten Point
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Default Anybody hunted mountain goat in BC?

Hunting a mountain goat is at the top of my list. And Id like to do sooner rather than later as I understand it can be a very physical hunt. Thinking British Columbia is where Id like to go. Gonna want to use a rifle. Recommendations for Outfitters to look into. Also how was your travel to get there?

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Four Point
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I hunted twice out of Smithers with Nass Valley Outfitters(2011/2015). Killed a small goat with a gun the first trip, then a big goat with a bow on the second. Hard hunting; both physically and mentally. Travel was fly into Smithers from San Antonio(via Houston/Vancouver) day one then fly out on a float plane after a rest day. I recommend taking a day off after flying into Smithers to give your luggage a chance to catch up before your charter fly-in. I didn't my first trip and it was a pain trying to get the flight-in changed.
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Love Bros. and Lee. I went with them on a Moose and Caribou hunt and have several friends that have been goat, griz and sheep hunting with them. You can doe a combo hunt with them that includes Mt. Goat and one other animal (Moose, black bear, caribou).Ron and Brenda were great hosts with great facilities. Same travel as Bentstick; States to Vancouver to Smithers for float plane.
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Eight Point
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I work with a great outfitter in BC that kills some excellent Mountain Goat. Give me a call and we can discuss the details.
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Pope & Young
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I have hunted up there twice for goats. First was a straight goat hunt and second was a moose/goat combo. My first trip was with bolen-Lewis. I would say they have it pretty dialed in. The second was with sugar valley outfitters and I think they are now called big time hunts or something like that. Saw lots of goats there. I would try to go somewhere that you backpack in and spike camp unless you are in some kind of Herculean shape. It’s much easier to get up on top or 3/4 of the way up on the mountain and then skirt around to hunt goats from a spike camp. On my second hunt, we glassed them from the bottom and then went up. If you do that a few days in a row it will wear your legs out just going up and down. Goat country is no picnic where I have hunted them and I have heard of very, very few even moderate goat hunts. I book through BSC and they will book a rifle hunter. They keep pretty good tabs on the bc outfitters. They all will take a rifle hunter.
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I killed mine with a bow with Bolen Lewis. You could kill a monster there with a rifle.
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