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Default Deer Forage Study - North Central Texas

This isn't new, but I have never seen anyone post this study before.

I shot a buck this year that was ANCIENT. What surprised me was that he had whole acorns in him. I'm assuming he regurgitated them and ground them with his cud, but I'm not exactly sure. All he had in him were acorns and grass.

I bring this up because over the years, I have seen deer eat all sorts of stuff that would have never suspected them of eating. Especially late season. And if you read the study, browse was the main part of their diet, at least where I hunt. Hunting food sources on public land is pretty hard sometimes, especially in areas where you can't bait.

Anyway, pretty interesting study!

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Thanks for posting that. It is interesting (but not surprising) that corn/feed makes up 5% or less of their diet in Spring and Summer, then increases in the Fall, then decreases again after the acorns fall. We all have witnessed that, but there is a lot less corn available then too. I'm sure they still prefer forbs, browse and mast when available but a big percentage of hunters only throw corn during the season.
The appendix with pictures and descriptions of all the grasses, plants and trees in the region is great. I hunt the West Cross Timbers and I've seen just about all of those at some point - it's nice to be able to identify them.
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