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Default Picked up a few new things this week

Picked up a few things that got delivered this week so while I am waiting for a new software build, i thought i would do a show and tell

EF-D Focusing screen for the 40D

I don't have my own pics of how to install it, but I don't like messing around that close to the mirror. The tool they provide is nice though because it literally does everything you need it to. Its a well put together package and took about 20 seconds inside the camera to complete.

This is not my image, but it shows whats going on...

Once you get it installed, your screen goes from this..

Default... (no lines or rules)


I haven't used it much at this point, but it is MUCH easier to line up horizontal and veritcal lines. All your normal focus points/highlights still show up fine. Its also the same matte/type as the original EF-A screen, its just etched, so it shouldnt change the exposure. (There is a software setting to tell the camera you are using the EF-D screen.) They also make an EF-S screen for fast glass but i think it darkens the view finder and is made mainly for manual focus.

OK next item..

I already had a small SLR gorilla pod, but with the addition of a 17-55 F2.8, i needed it to hold a bit more beef. I was torn between the SLR-ZOOM model and the Pro model, but decided on the SLR-ZOOM as it was lighter and I don't plan on using this with my 100-400 or anything. I paired it up with a Bogen 484 mini ballhead and I think I found a great combination for my needs (travel tripod). I hate carrying a tripod around, but I can put up with this one.

I played around for 5 min or so and its sturdy.

Think Tank Digital Holster 20

I bought this a few weeks ago and used it in Taiwan and have been pleased with it. I like the fact you can extend the bottom to make it longer so it can support a longer lens or a lens w/hood. Very well made also.
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dang! I knew better than to look at this thread
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That tripod is SWEET!
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That tripod IS sweet! Gonna have to get me one of them.
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I really like the Think Tank holster!
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Speaking of Gorillas....Kev your Freaking Sick!!!!
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