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Six Point
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Default Reflect ON Deer 06-07 LBJ

Arechery season stunk, too hot and no dang water. Had 2 shots, one at a doe that scred the weewee out of me and another at a 6 point, hit a limb and under the little guy.

Gun season, took one doe, saw maybe 75 this year. Jit a six and couldn't find it, fell below the levy at Cottonwood lake. Ran into three (3) nice bucks, drew my gun up, squeezed the trigger and then nothing but a cloud of amoske. (powder wet). Last day for me for the season (yesterday) saw about 18 doe, no buck. But I enjoyed walking in the woods, helping a friend track a deer and closing the season off with a beautiful sunset.

Turkey season is next, I plan to be there a few weekends. See you guys then
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Eight Point
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Hey buck a do, was nice meeting you a couple of weekends past, here is the web link I was telling you about, hell of a nice guy, out west of Abeline a bit, bout 2500 acres + 600-1200 bow only. We just got back from the grasslands, didn't see squat, and we hunted hard, I'm wore out. Tracks all over the place and some bigguns too, and a first for us, turkey tracks, big suckers, and a bunch of em'. The ground being soft like it is was a bonus, we were able to really sneak along and the game are leaving nice tracks. You saw that many does?? The rain has been good to the grasslands all of the ponds have a good amount of water in them. Let me know if you want to know where we saw all the turkey tracks. Rick
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Ten Point
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Hunt In: Palo Pinto

I only made it to LBJ twice this year and was 0 for 2. I saw lots of does but out of range. I did get busted getting to my spot once. I am also looking forward to turkey season and can't wait. Good luck on the gobblers!!!
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Ten Point
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Went to lbj for the first time a few weeks ago and shot an 8 first day and had a doe tag left so went back this weekend saw nothin.
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Six Point
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Got my first buck early in the gun season out at LBJ this year, and had a great time. I was concerned with the increase in the numbers of hunters out there this year. Maybe they will get discouraged and move on, it is extremely hard hunting out there.

I had a blast, but did niot get out there as much as in the past. New job.

Bring on the Gobblers!!!

Dave in Denton
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Six Point
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Hunt In: Jack County, Schleicher County when invited.

I hunted the Grasslands three times this year. Saw a bunch of does but no shots. Driving throu some of the units after duck hunting out there i saw another 7 does. Turkey season is gonna be a blast. Killed three out there last season.
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