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Ten Point
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Default question about Micro Diameter shafts

ok, maybe a longer read but here goes:

I don't have nearly the amount of knowledge about archery equipment as I do bullets and firearms. So this may come off as amateurish but I have viewed archery as I view wingshooting…..pick up a weapon, load it and start shooting. my whole life I have shot one type of arrow (ICS Hunters) and really only two broad heads ( NAP Thunderheads back in the day and Rocket Sidewinders now when I can find them)

My wife bought me a new Mathews Halon last august. They sold her 1/2 dozen of Gold Tip Pierce micro diameter arrows to go along with it. never shot micro diameter before, the outsert collar system was a bit strange but I did manage to shoot 3 animals without issues.

now those original 6 arrows are down to just 2 and i'm looking to start shooting again to get ready for my September hunts.

My questions is, are there any pros/cons to going back to the micro shafts, aside from price? The bow shop she bought them from carries and recommends them, my shop does not and they do not recommend them. they say they don't penetrate as well (opposite my experience with them, they pass completely thru my layered block target ) and they are not as accurate. They suggested going back to ICS hunters.

I don't really want to re-sight and re-tune my bow.

Are there any real world hunting disadvantages to using micro diameter shafts?
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Pope & Young
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Sure sounds to me like you need to switch bow shops. The whole idea behind the micro shafts is to buck wind better and penetrate better. Not real sure how accuracy of a straight arrow has another to do with diameter unless you bring wind into effect, in which case the micros should win that contest. I would go micro and buy at the other shop if it were me.
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Ten Point
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I shoot the VAPs with stainless steel outserts and have had zero issues. Plus have a really high FOC.
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Pope & Young
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Go back and get more of the Pierce.

Call me if your archery shop won’t sell them to ya.
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Ten Point
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I have shot both micro diameter and normal, killed animals dead the same as the other. With micro diameter shafts you have less surface area, meaning less friction when passing through a target allowing for more penetration, as well as less wind resistance when shooting long distances. IMO the only difference you will see, to the everyday bowhunter/archer that doesn't have a lab or equipment to perform tests, is when you are shooting longer distances. BUT there is so many other factors that go into this besides just shaft diameter, such as fletching height and length, fletching helical, weight of your arrows, the list goes on and on.

I would stay with what you got if you like them and they work for you, no need to fix something that isn't broke
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Ten Point
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i shoot bloodsport arrows with the outserts and love them.
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Tony Pic
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I used micro shafts when I first bought my Matthews. Beman 380-16's. They also had outserts. The nock "sert" had a edge that used to shave the prong rest teflon with each shot. They were accurate and very durable, but I did not like the outsert and the shaving part.
Shooting Easton FMJ's now. Shafts have gotten way expensive.
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