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Six Point
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Default 70 gr Barnes Triple Shock ROCKS/ Night Hog Down

I just wanted to shout out to fellow AR15 pig hunters how great this ammo is. I see most of the TBH'rs later upgrade to a bigger caliber, but not me. I have my light 5.56 just were I want it. I use and like a lot of quality 5.56 & some.223 ammo but the Barnes blew me away two nights ago. I was on an eradication hunt at night and was set up 70 yards from my feeder, sitting in the back of my truck and watching my green feed light with my Steiner binoculars. A 110 lb sow came in and after she was comfortable, I popped her in the right shoulder slightly quartering away. She went down and did not get up. I hate tracking pigs at night and luckily have not had to in years. What impressed me was that I did not light her up with my green kill light since I had a full moon, I saw my illuminated red recticle was all I needed. I shot her free hand sitting in my fold out fishing chair. The Barnes Triple Shock exited top of the left ham. Wow. I pulled the hams and back straps and put them on ice. I have a 1 in 7 twist and a 16" barrel and have had great results with heavy Sierra Match Kings and DTR frangible HP but I am staying with the Barnes for a while. I am glad I bought 120 rounds in 5.56.

Like I said, I just wanted to shout out about this awesome AR15 hog bullet!
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Nubbin' Buck
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Very nice !
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Pope & Young
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I'm going to load a few of those for my 6.5 Grendel, only in a 120 grain.
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Four Point
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Love the 70gr tsx. Favorite AR load.
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Four Point
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Loaded up some 70 gr. Tsx for load development. Ready to see how they do on coyotes.

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Ten Point
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Default To the OP...

What load did you use? I shoot a Bushmaster with a 1:7 twist. I've been shooting the factory Winchester 64 gr. ammo and it shoots fairly well and have considered using the TSX. Since the magazine limits OAL, how did you determine what OAL to use?
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KC Huntin
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Yep i shoot 70 gr TSX in my AR. Took about a 150 lb sow down at 144 yds nicely.
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