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Default Two Thumbs Up to Ultramatic Feeders

Preface this to say Ultramatic are the only feeders run at my house and two deer leases. Best feeder/timer on the market, in my mind.

I have one timer that has been adding a minute to the clock each day which obviously throws feed time off, more and more as the days pass. I called to see how we can handle trading it out. I offered to put a CC down to cover the one they send me and then they could credit when I send the other back. I didn't want a week or two of not throwing corn.

Better than that, they said they'd rather just send me one and I can send the old one back later. No discussion of warranty time, etc.

I relish posting/sharing good reviews. Even better when they are a long-time TBH sponsor!

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And Carl is good people!!!!
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