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Pope & Young
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Default Why is this not on the MSM...wrong narrative??

Because the perp was an illegal alien or simply not enough carnage in today's world?? Happened days ago & just heard of it...anyone else post about this shooting & I missed it??
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Ten Point
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First I've heard of it, and you're probably right, a hit against a sanctuary city that allows illegal aliens to live there knowing that they've already broke one law.. and it doesn't help their anti gun argument cause he shouldn't have been able to obtain a gun in the first place
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Ten Point
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My wife told me about it last weekend. It didn't fit the MSM narrative. Both areas the guy was in are a hotbed for illegals. That's where they live in this town. Being Austin nowadays, I can see why this went on so long. Old Austinites are few and far between anymore. It's all Cali transplants. I know one thing, if he'd have approached me at that gas station or just about anyone I know, that would have been the last moments of his life. I don't play those reindeer games, Rudolph.

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