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Originally Posted by texansfan View Post
I just don't like misinformation.
That's disingenuous.

If you can't win with facts then you're a liar and I don't deal with you.

No double standards either.
We can both be wrong but let's be truthful at all times
Straight from Chuckys mouf-

In a 2006 Senate speech where he was cheering that year’s version of immigration reform, Schumer also called it an “excellent program,” that only good immigrants would use.

“I believe every immigrant is special because they, or all of us who descend from them, come from a special group of people who had the guts and the gumption to get off their butts and basically come to America. They said: I don't want to lead this disease-ridden, impoverished life. I am willing to come here and take a risk. That is one of the reasons America is a special place — the idea of bringing new seed to this country, people who are willing to risk everything, is great,” Schumer said in a Senate floor speech on May 24, 2006.

“In fact, my city of New York has dramatically benefited from this program, and diverse countries such as Ireland, Poland, and Nigeria have had large numbers of immigrants to be able to come, set roots, and help the diversity of New York and of America,” he added.

In the speech, he took credit for the program that President Trump blasted in a tweet Wednesday. Schumer said, “As a member of the House, I helped create this program, which my colleague, Sen. Kennedy, created in the Senate in 1990.”
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