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Angry Automobile A/C help

So, Sunday the A/C in my truck ( 2015 Chevy diesel ) decided to not work. It was blowing warm air. When the compressor would come on it would sound like some kind of bird, not a belt slipping or bearing going out. I was going to try and put freon in it but the gauge said it was charged. Now the compressor will not come on at all. ( checked all the fuses and they are good ) So I take it to the chevy place ( and I can see the guy who is checking it out ) after about 30 minutes ( only two of them he actually looked at the truck ) I walk over and ask him if he knows the problem. He said not yet and walks away. 20 minutes later he comes back, pokes around for a minute or so closes the hood and writes up his findings as a leaking compressor. He never once put a set of gauges on it. They give me an estimate of $906.38 to replace the compressor.

It may just be me, but if the compressor was leaking, there should be very little to no freon in it right? ( remember my gauge said it was charged )

I am thinking there is a little part somewhere that tells the compressor to kick on and it has went out.

Can anyone tell me where said part may be and/ or if you know anything to check please let me know.
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