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Ten Point
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Default Bow length, does two inches really make that much of a difference?

I went from a 62" Samick to a 58" Bear and noticed no pinching or stacking at full draw. In looking at another bow I noticed that it's a 56". Now I've read that the 48" Bear bows would stack like fiends if you draw 28"+. However I wouldn't think that shooting a 56" bow would be any different than shooting a 58".

The bow in question is a 69 Grizzly.

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Eight Point
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Every bow is different even within the same model. I've seen kmags that would draw to 30 and some that will stack at 27. My super mag is good to 29. Bow design plays a huge design such as forward handle longbows etc.

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Pope & Young
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It makes a difference for me.

Stack has never been of concern to me. It is what it is.
What makes the difference for me is the angle of the string on the fingers,
and the resulting comfort/discomfort.

The size of one's hands can make as much difference as draw length does as far as comfort on the fingers is concerned.

I can shoot short bows, but I don't like to.
64" is my minimum length.

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Pope & Young
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I think a lot of it depends on the bow to Junkers. My 62'' Sage kinda feels like it stacks didn't until I got my Widow. And my Widow is a 60'' bow. My Sage feels like it's hit a wall when I'm at full draw now and my Widow feels like I could pull it back another foot.
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Dry Bones
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You may or may not notice the 2" difference, but if it's a Grizzly it's gotta be good. :-)
I had a Supermag for a while and sold it not because it stacked or pinched me, but just did not shoot it as well as I had hoped. Hind sight on that one. My form and technique has improved drastically since then, it might have always been me. If I was ready to buy another bow and found a good Grizzly I would not hesitate. JMO
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Ten Point
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I draw my 58" grizzly to 30". I do, however, find a longer bow more comfortable
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Pope & Young
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My short Bear (52") is just plain uncomfortable to shoot. Hurts my ring finger knuckle. The Sage didn't give me those issues. The Widow doesn't either at 58".

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El Paisano
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A lot depends on the position of the limbs in relation to the deepest part of the grip.
CRM, if your widow has the limbs attached to the back of the riser you can shoot a lot longer draw length relative to bow length than if the limbs were on the front of the riser. Same goes for amount of deflex in the handle. Lots of variables.
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60 Deluxe
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I own bows from 48" to 70" and have shot all lengths but have settled into a niche that just feels comfortable. The short bows on the extreme end of short will give me a sore string hand after just one shooting session so they do not get used much. 64" and up are comfortable to shoot but are so long that they bother me to carry. I know that I could get used to that. 60" is my favorite but I can move about two inches either side of that without noticing enough for it to be an issue.
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