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Default Soil ph Help

Hey guys.

I live in Cleveland and we have land just outside of town. As with everywhere around here, our soil ph is low, usually 5-5.5 depending on the location on our property.

I've been planning on planting whitetail institutes powerplant, or buying bulk and mixing it myself. It is the same 4 ingredients elgato likes for his spring summer annual fields (cowpeas, soybeans, sunn hemp, sunflowers).

Anyway, we've been trying to get our field dry enough to have a lime truck come out. It keeps getting pushed back, so I was curious about the effect liming now is going to have on our planting in April.

I emailed WI, and their VP replied and said there will be some immediate effect, but it could be 6-9 months before it has its full effect and the soil is in optimum ph range. He suggested liming now but not planting until this fall after we've retested the soil and got it in a more favorable condition.

It bummed me out because I've been planning a ton and was looking forward to getting started. Do you think this is the best way to go? We've already got protein out so we do have something to benefit them.

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Go ahead and plant, won't hurt a thing. Your low ph will lock up your fertilizer, so it will not be as efficient. You can still grow a nice food plot though. On the lime, I would put out at least a ton to the acre.
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Go ahead and lime now. Then at planting time lime again using pelletized lime. The pellet version will work much faster and help your plots this spring. The down fall of the pellet type is that while it works faster it doesn't last as long. That why I recommend going ahead with standard lime so you'll be ahead of the game for your fall plantings.

Soil is to food plots like gasoline is to an engine. You can put crappy gas in your car and it will still run but it will run crappy. Same with soil, you can plant anything in crappy soil and get it to grow but if you plant in healthy soil the plants will reach their full potential. Plants grown in well fertilized soil hold more nutrients and a favored by deer. I can draw deer to any particular oak on my property simply by fertilizing that particular tree.

Bottom line... Focus on getting your soil right and you'll be amazed with how well your crop will do
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Go ahead and lime now. It will actually be better than right before.
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I am the ITR for Tecomate here in Texas. I would recommend liming now and planting a couple weeks later than planned. If you get a couple good rains before you plant you won't hurt andthing and the improvements will be noticed. As stated above you can get a plot to grow in bad soil but anything you do to make improvements will only help.
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