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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Hunting Matador WMA

After years of putting in for this hunt, the Wife and I were selected to whitetail deer hunt Matador WMA 2014.
We live in Victoria and have never been to Matador, I have always heard good things about this hunt.
We are looking for Help.
Which are the better areas to hunt ?
Creek bottoms or food plots ?
Tripods or ground blinds ?
Thanks for any information ya'll can provide.
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Eight Point
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its an awesome place. theres more whitetails in the eastern half. more muleys on the west side. when I went I didn't even take a blind. I walked a lot, (which is how I killed both my deer) and its open enough that you can just find a spot to sit down. any blind you take will stick out pretty bad. we were on a late season doe hunt and we saw deer both in the river bottom and up in the hills in the mesquites. I stalked up on a nice 4x5 mule deer and my buddy saw a huge whitetail. we had alot of fun. we hunted all day most days, it was cold and the deer were moving all day. it was a dry year so the food plots hadn't even been plowed. water troughs were good though.
good luck and have fun
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Eight Point
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I've been once on an archery hunt...I took a tripod and set it up in the middle of trees for cover. The first morning I had a monster whitetail...12pt, 22" spread +, come to a pool of water I was set up near. He stopped at 25 yards to drink and a couple of mud ducks took off and spooked him. He bolted and ran straight at me and stopped literally under the legs of my tripod. He stared at the water for a minute or so and slowly walked off behind me where I had no shot...never came back. I ended up passing on 3 or 4 small 8 pts. Never saw a mule deer. Great place to hunt...I hunted in the far east of the property.
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Take em
Ten Point
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Hunter there 2 years ago and defiantly say the WT on the east side. Saw lots of deer in the river/ creek bottom but not in a position to shoot them. Brother took 3 by siting in a tree base near the mesquite flats and waiting. Good luck to you
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Nubbin' Buck
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THX for this post. Hunting there in Nov.
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