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Default Question concerning blood on arrows

Ok guys, I have been working part time at an Archery shop for the last 10yrs. My question is:

Why do customers show up with a stinking bloody/and or gut shot arrow from the previous year? They need/want more arrows and just happen to bring that particular arrow to measure against the new ones?

It’s been happening more and more frequent the last couple years but this year has been the worst.

Do you think it’s bragging rights?

Look what I did?

A talking point?

Just don’t know any better or a combination?

I guess I’m curious and don’t understand the logic behind it.

1. It freakin stinks
2. I don’t want to be rude to the customer so I don’t say anything.
3. It’s not like I run around with rubber gloves in my pocket so I have to end up handling it.
Come on guys seriously, wash your arrows.

Don’t mean to rant but just don’t understand it, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening.

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