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Nubbin' Buck
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Default Clubs in or around San Antonio

Looking for club in or around SA to meet up with and get back into shooting with.

Been out of it for a while and want to start shooting again, but don't want to drive a long way for just practice.

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Ten Point
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Check to see if the Canyon Lake club is still active. My husband and I used to shoot there, but that was several years ago.
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Contra01 if you find something let me know i'm in the SA area and have never found anything, but i never even knew about the canyon lake club..
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Same here!
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add me to the mix. Trying to get back into it (gotta get a bow first!!)
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Ten Point
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I could be wrong but I don't think Canyon Lake Club is around anymore? Their website is down and postings on FB are old. The closest club I know of is Fredericksburg Archery Club. Been to their 3D shoots a few times. Nice shoots, as the shooting venues change, held at a different ranch every month. From what I have seen they only hold shoots in the off season.

Not really a club but I have also been to Camp Bullis 3D shoots. Last time I checked they held shoots year round every month and it was open to civilians. You have to call their outdoor rec center and give them your personal info including license plates so they can vet you for access. Pretty painless and once you are on the access list at the gates it is a pretty smooth process for entry. As far as I know you can only gain entry on day of their 3D shoots...which was 4th weekend of the month unless you are AD or retired military. Should be going on today and tomorrow.

Maybe someone else can chime in that might be participating in indoor shoots around SA?
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Four Point
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Alamo Area Archery
Archers Haven in Canyon Lake are good places to start

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