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Default Need help finding a good day lease (Hogs)

I see the place has been upgraded since my last visit, I had to reregistor to get in?

Anyways I have a friend that is coming down from Colorado this spring with his 12 yr old daughter to visit and he and she want to go hog hunting. He shoots a bow and she a gun.

He has Osteoporosis pretty bad and has a hard time with the bow, he can only pull about 40-43 pounds and some days that's hard on him so he is probably going to want to shoot a gun also.

Can you guys recommend a good day lease that allows gun hunters and children with in a 1-3 hr drive of the DFW area? She just completed her hunter safety course and Dad promised her a hog hunt.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Default or 903-249-4850 Great place!
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