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Pope & Young
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Default Words Of Wisdom For All to Heed

Was reading my daily dose of Dr. Jim Dennison, on his religious column and these words struck me hard---

"Men and women from both political parties are fighting and dying for our country while too many of us are engaged in self-serving partisan defamation. Politics flow downstream from culture. It's time for Americans to stop condemning those with whom we disagree and start finding ways to cooperate for the common good."

My wish is that both sides can read, understand, and heed them.
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Death from Above
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On some things there can be no compromise...but I get the jist of his comment.
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Pope & Young
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Mark Dunkelman has a book, The Vanishing Neighbor, that touches on this. The gist is modern technology has paved a way for us to surround ourselves with like minded individuals across the country and world, consequently we have lost the ability to value opposing views. Decades ago neighbors were your network of friends, and you had little selectivity as to who they were or what they believed. They were also critical to your survival and well being. Ultimately this made neighbors and their opposing views more accepting and acceptable

This podcast touches on this
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Pope & Young
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I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE!!!! Too many have truly loss sight of what truly has transpired in the last......30 years approximately.

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