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Four Point
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Default Rain collectors and watering trees

I have about 15 trees that need watering. Last summer I made multiple trips with as many 5 gallon buckets I could put in the truck from a nearby pond to the trees and back. (Using tree gators).
Thinking about putting a rain collector near the trees with a faucet to make it easier on myself. Any helpful tips from others who’ve done something similar?
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Six Point
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I have taken on a project to grow what I have termed my "vertical food plot", I have been planting pecan trees on my place in the Junction area. It takes some effort to get them established and keep them growing in this somewhat arid climate. After planting I immediately put a tree tube around the sapling, then a wire cage of 3-5 feet diameter. Both of these are staked down due to the high winds like we have been getting this week and to keep the animals from pushing the protection around. I water in each tree after planting too with about a half gallon.

Long term I have set up 275-330 gallon water totes near each set of saplings. I bought a hose end timer that can be set to feed daily for however long each setting as you wish (I typically do about 20 minutes each morning around sunrise). This is connected to 1/2" poly tubing ran towards each sapling. As the tubing passes by a sapling I take off the 1/2" line with a 1/4" drip line which goes right to the base of the trunk. After purging the air out of the lines I set the timer to deliver about a gallon of water each day to each sapling on that 1/2" line. I put about 5-6 saplings on a 1/2" line.

To fill the totes I use another tote bins I pull around on a small trailer. I was just filling this with a garden hose from my well but that was taking 45 minutes to fill each trip and I had to make several trips to fill all the totes. I rigged up a boat bilge pump to transfer from the trailered tote to the base totes, and this too was taking about 45 minutes. So as you can see, I spent a lot of time filling water totes when they were all empty. The key was to not let all of them get empty at the same time so I only had to fill one each trip to the ranch.

Well last year I went to harbor freight and bought a 2" water pump and now I can fill or empty a tote in about 5 minutes. Best $200 spent on this project last year!

I planted 11 new pecans last weekend and will plant at least that many more on my next trip out. I will put the watering systems on them around March, after the threat of freezing weather diminishes greatly, the hose end timers will freeze and break... been there...

Good luck,
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