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Pope & Young
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Default Wrist or finger slings on a recurve?

Any of y'all use one? I noticed a couple of really good shooters this weekend had wrist slings on their recurves. (I think they were home made - not the kind that screw into a stabilizer insert.) Almost all barebow/olympic target archers use a wrist sling - or more commonly a finger sling. It got me thinking about how I always used a wrist sling in my compound days because it allowed me to shoot with a relaxed open hand. Any of y'all try this on a recurve? If it significantly improved my shooting by eliminating torqueing the bow hand, it might be worth the PIA of taking off/putting on between shots.
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Pope & Young
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I don't like finger slings. It's like wearing chinese handcuffs. LOL

I much prefer a wrist sling, but I only use it for training, or refresher training when my grip has gone south.

It really don't take a lot to hold a bow. A loose thumb & forefinger will do the trick just fine, and if you're doing it that way you won't need a sling, you won't torque the bow, and you won't drop it.

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Pope & Young
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Finger slings are a PITA!!!!! A wrist sling would be OK.

Like Rick said, it only takes touching one finger to your thumb to keep from dropping the bow.


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Ten Point
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I was working on my grip yesterday and had my bow jump out of my hand. First time for that. Still think I would pass on any sling.

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Briar Friar
Ten Point
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Neither for me. I dont even like any sling on my compound.
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Four Point
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I use a finger sling. I don't have any problems with it. I curl all of my fingers under except my index. I see a lot of people that would benefit from one, they are white knuckling the bow.
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