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Default Blackbuck on small acerage

I live on about a 50 acre property in the Wimberley area. Its perimeter fenced and was once used for cattle. Fence is 4' woven wire with two barb wire strands at top. Would need to fix a few spots, but in general it is 80

Looking at the pros and cons of adding a few black buck on the property. Is it feasible for this size? What can expect from them? Are they worth it?
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Found this when using googlefu.
Seems they're easy grazers, just have to be mindful of winter and predators.
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Predators will be your main concern. We usually have 50-60 on our place and it’s around 70 acres with two decent coastal fields and lot of brush.
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You will be able to support quite a few. If you started with 10-15 you would be shocked at how fast your herd grows. Fix your fences as best you can before you get them. They will walk the fences when they get released looking for holes. If you need a good contact to buy them from PM me. Great animals and very marketable for hunts or live sale when you get your numbers to where you like it.
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I was just about to say.. Hogmess should chime in any minute
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