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Pope & Young
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Default Wild Hog Festival in Sabinal - anyone coming?

We're having our 21'st annual Hog Festival here in Sabinal this weekend! Just wondering if anyone is coming from the GS?

The highlight is the hog catching contest - 2 person teams catching a wild hog (sized according to age group - kid w/ piglets through adults w/ heavy hogs) in a round pen. The whistle blows and the fun begins- the team tries to catch the hog by hand, get it into a tow sack and drag it across a line! It's a LOT of fun to do and watch!

If you think you're a 'tough guy,' come try catching a wild hog with nothing but your bare hands! See if you can do it well (or as quickly) as some of the girl teams that win!

Great food and crafts and rides for kids! Sponsored by our local Lions Club.

Maybe I'll see some of y'all here!

I am here:,-99.758713
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Old Bald Guy
Ten Point
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We went once and had a heck of a good time. Kiddo even came back with a buckle. I've got a couple of the dvd's they sell that we watch for grins every so often.
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Pope & Young
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Man I miss this event. I plan on coming back and doing it again just need to make time. I had a group come up and so it 2 or 3 years in a row and we had a blast. An absolute adrenalin rush and a good time had by all. We even got up at 5 am the morning of to make sure we got spots in the first session.

Good luck to all and be careful.
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